How to Write 2000 Words Article

How to Write 2000 Words Article Easily

Every blogger wants to write a post which loved by readers and keep traffic to blog.

Many bloggers write daily and some write once or twice a week. Many bloggers who wrote daily create a post with a 400 to 500 word. Why every time this strategy does not work because your post is not containing any research.

In my opinion in 90% post which has only 400 to 600 words are unable to describe or prove own title. Writing content with 400 to 600 words is the easy task and everyone does it.

But if you unable to produce 1000 word for your post then you can’t get a nice audience.

Here I am sharing tips which are helping you to create 2000 words article quickly.

Step 1. Read More

Read More BOOKS, Blog posts daily

A question which arises in your mind why I add this point in writing topic because of its help you to find a great topic to write.

How? Many times when you read an article, book or research paper, you find some important question is left by the author or in your opinion you can simplify and add some more information on that topic.

Plus its help to create an excellent vocabulary for writing your post. It’s giving you an extra knowledge on your on a topic, so you can survive when comments hit your blog.

Step 2. Deep Research on Your Topic

Suppose you want to write a post on “SEO” related topic but you do not have enough experience in SEO, and you don’t have a time or mood for research on SEO than your post misguided your readers.

Like many bloggers start blogs on “How to make money” without any practical experience.

So before writing on any topic do some research on that topic.

Research helps you to create a better post, and if you get any doubt via comments, you easily clear their doubt. It makes you to authority on a topic which is helpful to create a brand.

  • For research on Google is your best friend. Subscribes Google alerts on your topic which informed and update you on the latest research, blog post and news about your topic.
  • Subscribe to authority blogs which based on your topic and don’t forget to comment on their post. its give you targeted traffic.
  • Read books on your topic and try to simplify their work in your words.
  • Reads the journals and attending seminars on your topic. One benefit of a seminar is you clear your doubt.

Step 3. Divide Your Post in List Format

Divide Your Post in List Format

Dividing your post in the list is really helpful for me. This post also based on this format. Some step which done by me to divide any post in list format listed below,

  • I do not write list topic on paper for this purpose I am using my BlackBerry Z10. But you use paper or phone which suitable for you.
  • Create a word document and write my article heading, many times it is not like final version but who cares if it helps you to create a great article.
  • Think about the article and whatever comes to my mind I write in a word document.
  • Don’t stop yourself from thinking if you get 8 or 10 list topic because when you sit for writing an original post than weak ideas are rejected. For writing “9 steps to getting targeted traffic” on my list 17 topics are present.

Every professional blogger or writer make his list. When you create your list then pin it to where you sit for blogging means your writing room, this makes list always in your mind or write on a whiteboard.

Before writing an article, this pinned list gives you a clear idea about topics and contents of your post.

Making a list is also helpful in day-to-day life. Like buying a grocery or shopping.

This list is helping to cut chance to purchase any product which not required at that time.

Making a list of blog articles is work exactly in the same way.

As I said earlier make a list with extra 5 to 10 points because at the time of writing many points is not relevant to your post topic. In this situation, these additional points are helping you.

What is the main disadvantage of the post without a list? They look ugly and lengthy, so many readers like me did not read the whole article.

Making a list helps readers to go straight to your point.

Many readers did not read your entire topic if its lengthy in this situation if your post was written in list format than it’s easy for a user to read a topic in which they interested.

It’s also helpful for a search engine to analyze your topic because it’s already in structured formats.

Note: Making a list of your articles are more helpful to you in comparison with your readers.

Step 4. Put Note/Tips after Every Topic End

Putting note or tips on every topic help reader to quickly summarize the content of your topic.

It’s showing your command and research on your topic.

It’s showing your point of view on a topic. For example, If you are writing a post on web hosting then your tips make readers to decide whatever this service best for them or not.

Keep tips or notes short and informative because it’s had the great impact on readers decision. First, experience your topic then write it.

Step 5. Write your Own Experience

Many times topic don’t have enough words for writing articles like if you want to write about any Web hosting website, in this situation including your own experience about quality or service of that web host help you to expand your post and you come up with sufficient amount of words.

Writing the own experience in the post add a personal touch to your articles. Readers always want to hear your story, feelings, and experience. This makes a solid trust in between your reader and you.

It’s also urging to share your articles on a social sharing website because they want everyone to listen to your story.

Note: Keep it unbiased and true. Write your feelings about a topic and be honest. Don’t write positive only for affiliate income.

Step 6. Give at least One Example on Topic

Examples are clear concepts about a topic. When you are school or college student, you always find in almost every book after every concept author gives you some examples which help you to understand topics.

Same rules apply to blogging because every user wants to clear their concept without thinking too much about the topic.

Make an example of life; it’s help user to understand quickly. Don’t make example complicated to understand.

My advice: if you do not write a post on mobile like me then keep it away from your blog workspace. It kills your productivity or maybe you should not concentrate on the topic. Hey, this not applies to me because this post was written on my BlackBerry Z10.

From above tips which used to you at the time of writing 2000 words article? Share your valuable comments in the comment section.

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  2. Hi..Masood thanks for shared this nice article. It really helps to me to write at least 1000 words content.

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