Free Webhost For Your Blog [Part2]

Good Free Webhosts for Static Site Generators

In my previous post, I show two good free hosts which are used by many website owners.

In this article, I show some website which is not used as a web host traditionally but many website owners used them as a web host and that site also gives a good uptime as compared to any free web host.

This site actually used as a code hosting like a Github.But the problem is you can host only static website and they not allow any dynamic website but you can add any functionality to the static website using java script.

Simple Tutorial Blog is also host in a GitHub can Check source here [Now we use WordPress] or read this tutorial for setup your own Octopress blog.

For using This You Can Use Only Static Website Generator. Check Some Generators Here.


Github is my personal favorite. Github is used for code hosting but you can use it for hosting static website and static blog. Simple Tutorial Blog is also host on github using octopress as a blogging software.


Bitbucket is used mainly for hosting a source code, but you can use it to host your static website.It’s like a GitHub so you can use either GitHub or bitbucket.

You Can Run Dynamic Website or Static Website Using Below Website’s.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is used for running your application in Google you can set up a static website with it.Using This, You can also run a Dynamic website.Check here a tutorial by Mr.Amit Agarwal For Setup Own Web Proxy Using Google App Engine.


Heroku is a cloud application platform and support ruby, java, python can use it for host static or dynamic website. its work using a git system. It’s a very good platform and recommended by Facebook application.

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