Create Portable Application Using Uniextract

 Create Portable Application Using uniextract

This tutorial show you how to create a Portable Application using free utility Winrar,Universal Extractor 1.6.1.

Follow Some easy step and your portable app is ready for use.

First Watch the video and read steps, then you have any query or if you think any improvement then comment here.

Watch This Video

Follow This Steps:

1.Download Winrar And Universal Extractor 1.6.1 from File Hippo or any other website

2.Install Both.

3.In This Tutorial we use qupzilla131.exe for creating Portable Application.

4.Right click on qupzilla131.exe and click on UniExtract here or UniExtract to Subdir.

5.Select all File present in subdir.Right click and Add to archive

6.Choose compression method is best and click on create sfx archive.

7.Click on Advanced tab.Then click on SFX options...

8.Click on Setup Tab and below Run after extraction paste the main program this tutorial qupzilla.exe

9.Click on Modes Tab.Tick to Unpack to temporary folder, also click Hide all

10.Click on ok then ok. Wait and watch your app is now portable but this method is not valid for all types……

If you have any question, comments below.

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