Content Creation: Top 23 Tools to Improve your Copy Writing Skills

Content Creation: Top 23 Tools to Improve Writing
Content Creation: Top 23 Tools to Improve Writing

As a blogger, we are producing a massive amount of content.

But, the real problem with every new blogger or hobby blogger to write content effectively for getting high volume of traffic.

I know, many bloggers writing better contents with their own.

but if you just started a new blog and want to make content creation process faster and better without wasting your time.

Then, this post might help you.

Most of these tools used by me in everyday use.

Keep in mind: These tools are not solving your every problem, but help to solve most of it. Download Free CheckList

For Reaserch

Every great content need solid research.

#1 Übersuggest

Sometimes we have a main topic in mind but unable to elaborate it.

Like I come up with “LSI Keywords” word, It’s a base keyword.

Übersuggest takes base keywords and gives a data from Google suggests. It provides data in alphabetical order so it’s easy to choose.

Übersuggest also help to find LSI Keywords.

UberSuggest by NeilPatel


#2 Google Docs – Research Tool

Google added quick research tool in Google Docs to conduct researches without leaving your documents.

  1. Open Document or Presentation.
    • Go to the Tools menu > Research.
    • Or Use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Cmd + Shift + I on a Mac, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I on a PC).
    • Right click on words which you want to research and select research.
Google Docs Search Tool
Google Docs -Search Tool

When you hover your mouse over any links its shows three option.

  1. Preview – to see preview of URL page
  2. Insertlink – Automatically add a link
  3. Cite – Add a reference links

Google Docs – Research Tool

Make a Great Headline

Headlines makes an important role in Content success, they are 5 to 15 word longs.

8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

If you unable to capture attention or failed to make a great impression on your readers, you lose them.

Picking right headlines give you better traffic in Google search engine also.

Take my example,

I write an article about LSI Keywords.

My first heading “LSI Keywords: Free Research Tools to Rank Higher in Search Engine” gives me a 16th place and almost no traffic.

After one week it’s modified as “LSI Keywords: Free LSI Tools to Rank Higher in Search Engine” give me 6th place in Google search engine and drive loads of traffic.

I spent almost one or two-hour to find great headlines for my articles.

Let’s check some great headlines generators and ranks.

#3 Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Tweak Your Biz generates outstanding titles for every types of post.

This is the must-have title generator for every need.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

How to use Tweak Your Biz Title Generator.

  1. Enter your base keyword in Search field. In our example it’s a “content creation
  2. Is this a Noun or Verb, Select any one
  3. Use Sentace Case
  4. Submit it.

Next page appeared with some common types of result. its shows you How to, Questions, List or bests types of results.

Tweak Your Biz Results
Tweak Your Biz Results

Choose what you want.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

#4 Contentideator Headline Generator

This tool not only give you a headline ideas, it’s also give you a content ideas.

Contentideator Headline Generator
Contentideator Headline Generator

Enter your keyword in the search field and its generate headlines or content ideas for you.

Keep in Mind: Don’t copy them as they displayed. Always make some tweaks.

For eg.

It’s generates “The Content Creation Process

make it as “Process of Content Creation” or “5 Simple tools to simplify Content Creation Process“.

Contentideator Headline Generator

#5 Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer


I pickup my title but how to find its shareable on social media?

How to find your headline is emotional or not?

How do you check whether your headline good or bad or worst?

Check this tool, It’s must-have for evaluating titles.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer
Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

After submitting it, next page appeared with EMV Score.

Free Headline Analysis Results
Free Headline Analysis Results

EMV scores displayed in the form of percentage and the maximum possible is 100%.

Example headline is one variation of a headline of this post, always try to get a score above than 40%.

It’s hard to score more than 50% because these metrics analyze your headline on the basis of emotional keywords.

If you sell anything on your blog, try to get higher ranking in this tool because most buying decision based on emotions.

Emotional Headlines really important for sales page, landing page or products page.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

#6 CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

The free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

This tool is really helpful to tweak your blog headlines to get most shareable headlines.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This tool gives very in-depth results and results shown in below tool itself.

CoSchedule Headline Analysis
CoSchedule Headline Analysis

For the above example, I used the same headline which used in Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer.

I got 64% where CoSchedule recommends to get 70% or above, but if you get in between 50% to 70% then don’t worry it’s acceptable.

Use Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer and this tool together with this tool and try to get some decent score on both tools.

Keep in Mind: They are just an algorithm, no one knows what is in the user mind. Don’t worry and keep exploring. If you can’t get a decent score, tweak your titles to get good scores.

CoSchedule Headline Word Balance
CoSchedule Headline Word Balance

Always try to make the right balance in words, as above image shows I got B+ and not include any uncommon and emotional words.

According to CoSchedule, two words are really important to write better headline for blog posts.

Power words make a user take action.

Power words: Use at least one in your headline
Power words: Use at least one in your headline.

The emotional word makes user emotional and they generate really high click rates.

Emotional words make a good headline
Emotional words make a good headline.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Become a Better Writer

As a Indian blogger, my English is really bad.

Don’t worry if you are not writing a grammar perfect posts because we have some tools to overcome this problem.

Keep in Mind: Never rely on tools to make your English better, try to improve your language and vocabulary.

#7 Evernote

I use free version of evernote in my day-to-day life. From to do lists to entire article writing.

Evernote helps me to save my ideas in the cloud. Due to the cloud, it’s accessible from any devices.

There is no time specified when ideas strike in your mind when I am going to bed many ideas generated in my mind and I am able to save all ideas using Evernote mobile application.

It’s constantly saving our works and ideas in a cloud that’s why it’s the best tool for this job.


Write a blog post in 10 minutes by speaking it out loud and then editing the translated text.


#8 Grammarly

As a name suggest, Grammarly makes your post better and find your grammar mistakes.

It’s a free and premium version and free version of Grammarly enough for a new blogger.

Grammarly Correction in Google Chrome
Grammarly Correction in Google Chrome

What’s makes Grammarly better than others?

It has an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Advise: Use chrome for Grammarly. Firefox version is not as feature rich as Chrome version.

Grammarly Suggestion for Content
Grammarly Suggestion for Content

As you see, It gives you a suggestion based on your mistakes. Click on green URL and your mistake automatically correct.


#9 Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an online editor for improving weak writings.

This tool highlights common problems in writing.

It gives you some every detail divided into categories to easily manage and fix.

Hemingway Editor
Hemingway Editor

Keep your readability score higher. Only 28% visitors read the full article so keep them happy.

Hemingway App Editor

#10 ZenPen

When you write any post, you are distracted by extra elements of desktop or cms editor.

That’s why WordPress include distraction free mode.

But, if you do not write in WordPress?

There are many solutions, but I give you minimal online distraction-free editor.



ZenPen gives you a nice editor for writing and they also include an option to export files in your favorite languages like HTML or Markdown.


#11 Word Counter

There is no official limitation on post word count.

According to a case study done by serpiq, a blog post which has more than 2450 words generate more traffic.

Average Content Length of Top 10 Results
Average Content Length of Top 10 Results

Word Counter gives you details about how many words and character were written by you, reading difficulty and keyword density in the given words.

Word Counter
Word Counter

Always try to make lengthy content which has more than 2000 words. If you unable to come up with 2000 words for your blog post. At least, try to write a blog post more than 1000 words.

Copy your written article and paste it into Word Counter text area.

Word Counter give your instant counts.

Word Counter

#12 Word2Clean HTML

Many blogger first write blog post in Microsoft Office or Google Drive instead of direct writing in CMS (WordPress, Blogger or Medium), then use this tool and its definitely helps you.


Because when you copy from Microsoft Office or another program and direct paste it to your CMS editor, you find some strange character also come with this copy-pasting.

Word2CleanHTML applies filters to fix all those things added into the HTML, resulting in well-formatted HTML you can paste directly into a web page CMS.

When you paste that into your CMS (most will have buttons reading “HTML” or “</>” in their toolbar above your draft), it will appear nice and clean.

Word2Clean HTML
Word2Clean HTML

Word2Clean HTML

#13 Coffitivity

According to a study out of the University of Chicago, “A moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition.”

Distraction cause to drop 50% of our writing power.

But, I lived in the really noisy palace and without some noise, it’s difficult to produce content.

I think the above situation occurred with many bloggers.

There are a lot of white noise generators out there, but I like Cofftivity.


#14 TomatoTimer

TomatoTimer helps you to write more efficiently on consistent basis.

The Tomato Timer tool is very simple. At the top, you can choose from three options, depending on where you are at your work period (Pomodoro), short break, or a long break.

Based on what you choose, the timer will change. You can start and stop it as you like.



For Designers or Non Designer

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Everyone heard it in once a time in a life and know the power of pictures.


Some bloggers like me are not a designer.

How we design an image for our blog post without getting help from some designer or without hiring them?

Keep scrolling!

#15 Canva

Canva is amazing tool for non designers blogger. It’s allows you to create visually amazing photos in minutes.

Canva Front Page
Canva Front Page

Canva gives you some premade templates and all of them is editable. They offer a huge library of pre-made templates.

Check How to Design Beautiful Image In Few Minutes


#16 Awesome Screenshot

When you write some How to like article, many time you required to capture a webpage screen shots and annotate it.

Awesome Screenshot
Awesome Screenshot

Some best feature of the awesome screenshot is,

  1. Capture visible Area
  2. Capture Selected Area
  3. Capture Whole Web Page
  4. Edit local hosted Image
  5. Capture Desktop

I use Awesome Screenshot extension, not an app.

Because I really hate chrome apps slow performance and it affects overall computer performance.

Installation Details:

  1. Open Chrome App store
  2. Search for “awesome screenshot capture & annotate
  3. Click on add to chrome

#17 Unsplash

As a blogger our posts demands a high quality pictures.

The best way is to download from a stock images website, but there is plenty of free option available to download high-quality stock images.

The best solution is download from Unsplash, their images used in many premium themes demo.


Unsplash adds ten new images every ten days, and they are always attractive beautiful landscapes or signs or tech or foods.

They have a collection of amazing stock photos in every category.


Check Amazing Royalty Free Stock Photos Websites to find plenty of free stock photos websites.

#18 WorditOut

Some times we want to add a Word Cloud in our blogs.

Word clouds are a cool way to draw the reader’s attention to your main ideas within a presentation and can give your digital content a little extra flash. Below, you can see what happens when we input this blog post into the WorditOut.



#19 MEME Generator

Internet now full with meme images, it’s a recognizable picture with large text on it.

Generating a meme is really easy and fast.

just write your message, select your desired image and hit it.

It’s release.

Meme Generator
Meme Generator

There are plenty of websites present to make your meme, but I use MEME Generator.

MEME Generator

#20 Tiny PNG

We are always make our website speedy and every blog post content contain some images.

Images are very powerful medium to convey your message in less time.

But, a problem with images is they are slowing down a website. It’s recommended to compress the image before uploading.

there are many applications available on the web, but in this article, we are trying to find a quick solution to our every need.

So, Guys check TinyPNG.

Tiny PNG
Tiny PNG

You can use TinyPNG to compress .jpg and .png files.

All images of this post compressed by TinyPNG.

Want to learn image compressing in details and easiest way, check my post.


#21 Piktochart

Are you heard about Info Graphics.

If not,

Info-graphics are the most shareable content of any blog post and them also the best way to get genuine backlinks.

But, designing own info-graphics from designers is really costly.

Here Piktochart comes.

Piktochart provides free and paid service to design your own info-graphics. Templates are premade so only changes the data and your jobs done.

Piktochart Dashboard
Piktochart Dashboard

Check my Info-graphic on 17 Free Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress


#22 Placeit

When we see technology blogs, find some images displayed in nice iPhone or desktop mockup.

The place makes it’s easier for you, choose desired mockup image. upload your desired image which you want to show in a mockup and you got a nice image.

You’ll have to pay per image to get really large or high-resolution versions, but free images work just fine for blog posts and product page content.

The paid downloads also remove that PlaceIt watermark from the bottom right.



#23 Pablo

Quotes are most seen on Facebook or twitter.

Making Quotes never so easy. Check Pablo by Buffer.

Pablo Interface
Pablo Interface

Pablo gives you a clean interface to express your thought in the form of quotes.

They have some premade templates according to social sharing media.

Select a proper template for your message. Enter your message and change headings or backgrounds settings.

download or share directly on Facebook and Twitter or schedule it to buffer.

Check one example created by me.

Pablo Quote Example
Pablo Quote Example

Pablo by Buffer


Creating a great content for your readers is always your responsibility.

But making a great content in a short span of time require help and tools.

Download Free Checklist

Above listed tools definitely help you to write content, but a quality of content depends on you. These tools help to remove weak points in your content writing.

Don’t try all tool at one time, try two or three tools at a time to enhance any content creation process.

What other tools or apps do you use in the content creation process more easily? Leave them in the comments to extend this list.

If this content creation process guide helps you, don’t forget to share with your friends.

4 thoughts on “Content Creation: Top 23 Tools to Improve your Copy Writing Skills”

  1. Siddaiah Thirupati

    Hi Shaik Masood,

    Such a great lists, I am using most of them, Grammarly is my favorite tool for proofreading, Canva I use to create feature images for my articles, Pable I used one time long back but I am not using it now, Tiny PNG is a great tool to reduce the image size.

    I don’t know about “word counter”, Tomato Timer, awesome screenshot tools, thanks for sharing these tools information see you soon with another great article, have a nice weekend.

  2. Thank you for posting such an excellent list here.

    I’m also using many of these tools daily and some are absolutely brilliant!
    Canva, CoSchedule and Evernote are in my personal top-list of content creation tools and I will definitely try the rest you’ve suggested above.
    One more ultimate tool of mine is Unplag plagiarism checker ( ) , my daily blogging routine is impossible without it. It works really fast and saves priceless time.

  3. Filip Zafirovski

    Great list Shaik.

    I have one question.

    Which of these tools do you find most helpful and you spend your time the most on?

    Kind regards,

    • Shaikh Masood Alam

      Grammarly and HemingwayApp, both are good for writing and helps me to avoid grammatical mistakes and structural mistakes.

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