About Shaikh Masood Alam

Shaikh Masood AlamAssalamualaikum Guys,

My name is Shaikh Masood Alam, Blogger from Mumbai India.

I am author at Simple Tutorial Blog and work at TECHELEX.

I graduated from North Maharashtra University with Distinction in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2014.

Currently working for TECHELEX from 2014. TECHELEX brings technologies closer to students in India.

TECHELEX conducting WorkShop, Seminar, Summer & Winter training for students and spreading awareness about the technology.

In this blog, I am trying to make blogging and technology easy for new bloggers.

I mostly write about static blog engines, forum, WordPress, SEO and whatever I want.

My blogging journey begins with Octopress in September 2012 at Bhusawal, then I migrate to HEXO and finally WordPress.

I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, blogging, movies and music.

If you found any bug or want to give me advice or simply want to say “HI”, contact me using Contact US page or my email address masood@www.techelex.org.

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