7 Reason to Not Choose Static Blog Generator

7 Reason to Not Choose Static Blog Generators
7 Reason to Not Choose Static Blog Generators

Do you want to open your new blog or website?

Are you new to web stuff?

Or you are reading lots of inspirational post about how to find financial freedom using blogging?

So it’s time to your blogging.


Choosing a platform for creating a new website is difficult for new users.

Many new bloggers started with BlogSpot or WordPress, but some like me started with static blog generator

This post is about new blogger and website maker who have no knowledge of programming languages like Ruby, Node.js or Go languages.

I remembered those days when I desperately want a blog. So I searched a lot about it and like every student I had no money to buy a good Hosting Account.

Then I found Octopress and fascinated with its tagline “Blogging like a Hacker.”

Hacker, this particular word fascinated me, and I am unable to stop searching about Octopress to become a hacker in my group. (Just Kidding )

I think this word also fascinated you to read this post. This post gives you seven reasons not to choose static blog generators as your first project or blog if you are new to blogging or website world.

All this reason comes from my personal experience because I started this blog using Octopress, then moved to Hexo and finally comes to WordPress.

I think you argue with me about why to choose WordPress when sometimes I mention WordPress have many Security Flaws.

But Guys I believe that it’s my blog, and I am free to choose whatever I want but if you want to read about why I choose WordPress then read Fresh Start: Migrating From Hexo to WordPress.

Now, Come to our most important topic.

Why Not Choose Static Blog Generators as your First Blog Project

There is much reason, but I explain only 7 main reasons to not choosing static blog generators.

Please keep in mind, this post related to newbie blogger, and if you want to learn it the it’s ok, but this is not for a professional blogger.

#1. SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is very important to every blog or website to survive in this Google dominated Era.

Static blog generators provide some basic Search Engine Optimization facility, but they do not provide many advanced features like to change Article title according to Google searches, or you face many difficulties to add no index or no archive like stuff if you are a newbie.

When I used Octopress, I am unable to add Facebook tags or Twitter Cards in my blog.

Hexo gives Facebook tags, but it’s not easy as WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin.

I know using some script or hack I can add this stuff in my blog but keep in mind, it’s not a user-friendly, and I think it’s difficult to our new bloggers.

When you use Yoast SEO, you can change Facebook or Twitter description in the post editor and, in my opinion, it’s user-friendly in every manner.

#2. Schema Markup

What is Schema Markup?

According to Kissmetrics Blog,

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

When you search on Google for some product review, you see a star excellent rating with reviewer name and some other details like date and price of a product.

This done by some particular code injected in your website.

Schema Markup told the search engine about the product. It helps search engines to understand a given page.

You can use Schema Markup in Static site generators, but it’s difficult to new users.

Where in WordPress if schema markup not available in theme, you can use many plugins to add this function which is not possible in our static site generators.

#3. Learning Curve

Static Blog Generators designed for simplicity but they are very difficult to non programming background users.
This blog starts in September 2012 with Octopress.

For setting Octopress, it’s require 15 days. It’s tough to me to find any relevant tutorial about how to setup Octopress on Windows.

There are many tutorials available, but nothing works, but I can cross the hurdle.

From this experience, I told you, Learning any static site or blog generators require time if you are not from a programming background.

There are many static blog generators available with a great community like Jekyll, MiddleMan and Octopress but if you want to try new blogging generators than its tough to set it up.

#4. Generation Time

Static Blog Generators are famous for website speed, everything in plain HTML and no server side operation required for serving the desired page.


Why do I think generation time is a disadvantage of Static Site Generators?

I am not talking about your website speed; I am talking about generating your website in your local environment.

Almost every static site generates HTML page at your computer or on your server environment.

If we talk about Octopress, my previous blog generator software.

It’s took 2 to 3 minutes to generating 27 page, means if I want to change only one line in my blog.

It takes ages to reflect the change on my live blog.

When I am migrating to Hexo, and it generates in seconds, but I am not satisfied it.

The generation time of your site totally depends on your computer processing power. I have Laptop with Core i5 processor, 4 GB ram and Intel Graphics. I think it’s a powerful hardware for static site generation process, but you saw Octopress requires ages to generate my blog.

If you want to start your blog with static blog generator, I advise you to start with Hugo.
Hugo is fastest static site generator. Check this article to read more about Jekyll, Hugo and Wintersmith from a site generation point of view.

#5. Command Line

Every Static Site Generator require little bit command line process.

Like Generation or uploading it to Github repository for hosting it for a free website.

I hate to work with the command line, but it’s necessary for static site generators.

If you work in Windows, then this is worst, or it’s a nightmare to set up right environment. Command line work in Windows PC’s is hard for new users that’s why some blogger recommend you to start your blog with virtual machine instances.

I hear some news about Windows 10 brings some enhancement in the command line which is not present in Windows 7.
Currently, I work with Windows 10 and feel some difference, but it’s not sufficient for new users.

If you don’t want to juggle with a command line, then you can start your blog using virtual machines.

#6. Multi Author

This is my main reason to switch from static site generators to WordPress blog platform.

When you start a blog and if it’s famous than it’s hard to produce required contents in short time.

In this situation, you have only two ways left.

  1. Use the power of Paid blogging.
  2. Invite someone to write post on your blog.

If you choose the first option, then it requires a lot of money. It’s suitable for professional bloggers but what if you don’t want to spend of your fortune on paid blogging.

Then you have only one option. Publish another blog post to your blog.

A multi-author blog helps your blog to grow, and it also contributes to developing a post writer of the blog.

This is a win-win situation for both bloggers. If you are a website owner, then you get an original thought blog post for your website and if you are a post author than you get quality links for your blog and massive exposure for your blog.

Static site generators mainly used for single author blog.

In this situation, you face many difficulties to post another author post on your blog.

I know some work Hound available for this problem, but this is very confusing to a regular user like me.

#7. Disqus Comments

Almost every blog have comments section for their readers to encourage healthy discussion.

In static blog generators no database present. Database required to store comments.

So every blogger who used a static blog and want to add discussion facility in their blog. They use Disqus as a commenting platform. There are many platforms available, but Disqus used mostly.

Disqus provide basic commenting functionality for free, but free is not always a better option.

According to general manager of advertising David Fleck,

We have the largest and deepest audience profiles on the web

Check Source Here

Check this great post by Chrislema about Why Chrislema killed Disqus Commenting on his Website

That’s mean whatever you off advertising option off or not in Disqus option When a user comes to your blog and leave a comment on your blog post. Your visitor track by Disqus and Disqus have rights to displaying ads according to your visitor tracking details.

Privacy is an important issue, and I experience it.

My blog uses Disqus from September 2012 to November 2014; I got only 40 to 50 official comment.

When I convert to WordPress, I do not import Disqus comment and start fresh using WordPress Comments.

Currently, I have more than 120 comments which are not possible if I continue with Disqus.

So what you do in this situation?

Continue using Disqus or only kill commenting function on your blog.


Static Site generators doing a great job.

Above post tells you not to choose it’s for your first project.

You may choose simple HTML coding or WordPress but if you think to tackle any hurdle than you may use it.

Don’t take my words, always try something new.

If you enjoy this static blog generators negative post, why not share with your friend or we start a good war in a comment section below.

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  1. Siddaiah Thirupati

    Hi Shaik Masood,

    Fortunately I started my blog on WordPress, I am not a tech geek and I don’t different platforms to start a blog, after reading this article I got fair idea about static blogs, I think you gained a lot of expirience in running static blogs, nothing goes waste, your hard work will help you to become succesful.

    Thanks for sharing information about static blog and their disadvantages, see you soon with another article and keep up the good work.

    • Shaikh Masood Alam

      Thanks for your kind words, working on a new tutorial about How to Install Hugo in Windows without a problem.

  2. This title should be “7 reasons to not choose a static blog generator for non developers”

    The security alone compared to wordpress is a no brainer.

    • Shaikh Masood Alam

      Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

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