7 Reason to Choose Static Blog Generator

Choose Static Blog Generator
Why You Choose Static Blog Generator

Are you a student or professional and having a deep knowledge on some topics?

Are you think you have a knowledge which is superior to others or you simplified other’s knowledge?

Are you want to generate part time income?

Are you want to start your blog but you don’t want to upgrade or update your blog software, plugins time to time?

Are you afraid to choose WordPress as a blogging engine because of securities issues or you want only writing without messing your blog settings?

If you confused to choose which blogging platform able to fulfill your above needs than this post helps you to choose and setup static blogging platform or use static blog generator for your next blog.

Why am I promoting static blog generator for blogging purpose when I am using WordPress as my blogging platform?

This question definitely arises in your mind so check this post for knowing the answer of above question and still your doubts not clear feel free to ask me a question.

Note: before using WordPress for this blog I used hexo and octopress.

Blogging like a Hacker.

Blogging like a Hacker

Hacker this word really fascinating me when I was a student and I think this word capable to fascinated many students and new blogger ( hacker never hacked a website for the evil purpose).

I remembered the day when I was searching for free blogging platform and in Google almost every link show “How to blog using blogger or WordPress ” but I want a blogging platform which has clean link ( without month and year permalink which is present in blogger) and I do not have enough money for hosting WordPress, after searching endlessly day and night I found Jekyll and octopress.

Octopress tag line “blogging like a hacker” captured my attention and I started my blog using octopress.

But if you want to become blogger using hacker way than one thing keeps in mind you faced many difficulties to setup your blog and even you found some command is tough to understand, I am able to setup my blog using OctoPress in 15 Days.

After all this hard work you proudly show off your blog in front of your friends and readers and they call you hacker (just kidding 😉 ).

This is also helpful to learn and understand programming languages.

Like if you blog using OctoPress then you should able to learn or understand ruby and if you should not have the interest to learn ruby than you at least learn CSS and understand search engine optimization.

Full control on your Content

If you host on blogger than you always care about your post because Google always delete blog which has offensive content ( this is not a problem if you write a genuine and nonoffensive post), but Google has full right to delete your blog without any prior notice.

In a static blogging case all your post, images, codes are stored on your hard disks so if your hosting provider deletes your content without Any notice you will immediately restore your blog without any problems.

The question is a danger of deleting blog is also present in static blog platform than why I’m trying to convince you to choose static blog platform?

The answer is many hosting provider support free speech so it’s not a big deal.

If anyone one gains access to your server and delete your all articles and images than you are able to recover your articles and data as quick as possible.

Example : in previous years some one gaining access to images server of labnol.org and delete all images.

Mr. Amit Agarwal not able to take any backup of previous images so if you visit the old post of digital inspiration you should notice many posts does not have images.

Tip: always take backups of your blog data even you use static blog generator for your blog. For the static blog, you should keep your articles and images data in the cloud like Dropbox and Google drive because its help you encase your hard drive failure.

Almost Free Hosting

Everyone wants a free things.

If you want to host your WordPress blog on free hosting, you never find any good free host.

Check WordPress on OpenShift for Dummies for Good and Quality Free Host.

Static blogs generate a post in HTML format means your entire blog is an HTML blog.

Github and bit bucket offer you to host your static pages free of cost and there is no page views limit like some free shoddy host.

I think every static blog generator offers to publish your blog using Github pages.

Github pages offer you free CDN means your content always closer to your blog readers location which helps to load your blog quickly and Google loves your blog because of speed.

From September 2012 to November 2014 my blog hosted on Github pages and in this period I have never faced any downtime.

When I tested my blog using blitz.io, its shows Github pages able to handle 1000 user at the same time and my blog was able to sustain more than 40 million hits/day (Using free blitz.io account).

Where my current WordPress host not able to sustain 2 million hits/day. Below I am sharing screen shots of both tests.

Github Pages Performance Results with Hexo and Octopress
Github Pages Performance Results

Almost Hacking Proof

Hacking of WordPress blog is always the main concern of every blogger who uses WordPress.

You have many great plugins like securi and WordFence security for securing your WordPress blog or managed to host like wp engine and page.ly which takes care of your blog security.

Static blogs generate generating blog in HTML format. So it’s impossible to inject code in your blog file to execute and due to no plugins used at server side then no culprit plugin destroy your blog.

Tips: always use strong password and trusted hosting. Want to generating strong passwords then use this link.

If you want a best shared hosting then choose GreenGeeks

Fastest Website Speed

Static blog generator generates blog in html format, so no code executing at server side.

If no execution takes place at the server then server send your blog page to your readers quickly instead of executing a large amount of code at the server.

Many static blogs are hosted at Github pages, Github pages implement CDN automatically on every page or blog which is hosted by them.

They use fastly for providing CDN functionality. That’s mean your blog stays closer to your reader’s location and all this functionality and hosting are free.

No Maintenance

If you don’t want to upgrade to newer version of static blog generator than nothing to worry.

No one knows about your version and your blog won’t hack if any vulnerable code present in blog generator (always update your software, its give you extra function and tweaks).

No server maintenance if you host your blog at Github pages.

Blogging with Favorite Editor

In static blog platform, you are free to choose your code editor like you to write your articles on a notepad, your android mobile or any editor which is used to edit text or code. That means writing with own style.

Tell us what’s your reason to choose Static Blog Generator as your blogging software.

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