Setup Octopress On Windows7

Setup Octopress with Windows7 Ultimate Guide
When you search online for static blog generator in top most place in the search engine you got two names, first is Jekyll and second is Octopress. If you take advice any professional static blogger (Blogger who used static blog generator for generating their blog) recommend you either Jekyll or Octopress.

If you don’t have enough money or powerful web hosting to run WordPress than Octopress is good for you. Hosting Octopress on Github Pages is free of cost and its also take advantage of built-in CDN.It’s very simple and clean but due to unfamiliar to run a shell command and basics of Git, it’s very difficult to set up an Octopress blog especially on Windows7 machines.

Check Hugo, It’s a lot faster than Octopress. How to Start Blogging with Hugo and Windows

Advantage and Disadvantage Of Octopress

Using Octopress get you some advantage like your posts are always safe in your local machine and due to no server-side operation it’s not slow down your website because no extra queries or function do in the background.

But you miss some best plugin which is available on WordPress like third-party commenting system is not required, automatic search engine optimization using various plugin, beautiful contact us page with many templates and one major disadvantage according to you can’t create a multi-author blog which is necessary if you encourage guest posting or want to maximize your blog audience.

This is quickest and easiest guide to setting up Octopress on a Windows7 machine for publishing your blog with GitHub pages.

Before You Begin:

1) Install Git.

2) Install Ruby Installer. For windows.

In this tutorial, I use Ruby 1.9.3-p194.

3) Install Development Kit. In this tutorial i use DevKit-tdm-32-4.5.2-20111229-1559-sfx.exe and extract files into C:/RubyDevKit.

4) Create a folder in C drive like GitHub

Commands for Setup Octopress

cd c:/github
git clone git:// octopress #replace octopress as 
cd octopress #replace octopress with 
ruby --version # Should report Ruby 1.9.3

Follow This Steps

cd C:/RubyDevKit
ruby dk.rb init
ruby dk.rb install

Next, install dependencies.

Update: Before Installing Dependencies go to your Octopress folder.
Open Gemfile and in first line you should change https to http.

cd c:/github/octopress #replace octopress with
gem install bundler
bundle install

Install the default Octopress theme.

rake install


In this tutorial, we are using Github for blog publishing.

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Create a new Github repository and name the repository with your user name or organization name or

Create new Github Repository for Octopress
Create new Github Repository for Octopress
rake setup_github_pages

This will:

Ask you for your Github Pages repository url. Rename the remote pointing to imathis/octopress from origin to octopress.

Add your Github Pages repository as the default origin remote.

Switch the active branch from master to source.

Configure your blog URL according to your repository.

Setup a master branch in the _deploy directory for deployment.

Next run:

rake generate
rake deploy

This will generate your blog, copy the generated files into _deploy/, add them to git, commit and push them up to the master branch. In a few seconds, you should get an email from Github telling you that your commit has been received and will be published on your site.

Note:Don’t forget to commit the source for your blog.

git add .
git commit -m 'your message'
git push origin source

Note: Some text copy from Octopress website.

if you use this article for setup Octopress on the windows7 machine then please tell us how you feel after publishing your first post?

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