HubPress: When Jekyll meets Powerful WordPress

HubPress: When Jekyll meets Powerful WordPress
HubPress: When Jekyll meets Powerful WordPress

Are you want to start a static blog without installing gems or running programs in your computer or laptop?

What happened when Jekyll meets powerful WordPress?

HubPress created.

According to me, everyone fascinated with “Blogging Like Hacker”.

But the main problem is,

You need a,

  1. PC or Laptop
  2. Installation of Gem files or Packages
  3. Some knowledge of command line and git

But don’t worry,

I am presenting you a new blogging platform.

Presenting HubPress, Most Powerful Jekyl Alternative


HubPress gives you Jekyll like functionality with WordPress like a dashboard.

For starting blog,

  1. Require Internet Connection
  2. GitHub Account

HubPress is a new cool kid in static blog generators lists.

it’s a real alternative of Ghost.

HubPress give you simple configuration, free hosting, real-time editing environment, social media configurations.

But Why HubPress?

Premium WordPress hosting for everyone, small or large
  1. If you bored from WordPress.
  2. Don’t Want to Install Gems in your PC’s.
  3. Want a static site generator with online post writing facility.
  4. Want to try Ghost but don’t want to spend money on host.

If you agree with above points, then HubPress is right blogging software for you.

How to Install HubPress

Installing HubPress is really a piece of cake.

Open your GitHub account, Follow this setup Instruction.

In Short,

  1. Fork the HubPress repository.
  2. Make small changes to the forked repository.
  3. Log into the HubPress management console.
  4. Customise your blog settings.
  5. Write and publish your first blog post.

Videos for Managing HubPress

Write your First Post

Host and Add Image

Update HubPress to New Version


I am the avid follower of static site generators, but really dislike to install gems on my computers.

Eg. Installing Octopress gem is really easy, but a generating site with Octopress takes a test of your patience.

If you check Hugo, Its generate your blog in seconds.

But my main problem is I don’t have my laptop with me every time.

Where above stated Static Blog Generators need a specific computer for generating your website.

HubPress gives me all static blog generator functionality without fighting with gems or packages. It’s also giving the online dashboard for writing a blog post.


Like every great thing have some defects.

What I don’t like about HubPress,

  1. Permalink Structure.
    • Eg: If I Write “STB Demo Post” Its give me permalink “STB-Demo-Post” but i want “stb-demo-post” like WordPress and Ghost.
  2. It’s should offer more control to set permalink like WordPress.
    • Eg: I want “/stb-demo-post.html” instead of “/2015/06/25/stb-demo-post.html.html”

In my opinion, HubPress is the best software for new blogger or blogger who wants to try a static blog.

So Folks, If you try HubPress before or try it recently. Share your experience with us.

Don’t forget to share with your friends or in your circle, because sharing is caring.

2 thoughts on “HubPress: When Jekyll meets Powerful WordPress

  1. Anthonny Quérouil


    First of all, thank you so much for this blog post!

    I love the structure of your post, it’s easy to understand why you prefer HubPress and it is so cool to read that!

    Like you said, the main goal of HubPress is to provide a blog platform (actually more a tool than a platform 🙂 ) which aims to be accessible, free and really cool (we do our best for that 😉 )

    An important thing: like Octopress, Ghost, Jekyll, HubPress is opensource. Everyone can contribute and help us to make HubPress better (it’s not really easy, but it’ll change).

    For the defects that you have mentioned, we can fix that 🙂 feel free to open an issue for each defect

    • Shaikh Masood Alam

      Thanks for Your Reply, @Anthonny Quérouil
      I really like this platform and try to contribute it in my free time definitely.

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