Author Review Widget For Blogger

Author Review Widget For Blogger
Author Review Widget For Blogger
Whenever You Search Google for any product, you find a star rating in Google search pages.This is review which is written by someone about product which you want. For WordPress User its easy to add this because for this purpose WordPress have a plugin Author hReview. But if you not use a WordPress platform and using a blogger, then its difficult task to add such type of plugin. In Below tutorial I share a simple code to add such Beautiful plugin in Blogger.

Steps For Adding Author Review Widget In Blogger

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard

2.Make New Post.

3.After Writing your review switch to HTML mode.

4.Now copy below code And Change according your review and paste it.

<div class="hreview">
 <span class="item">
 <span class="fn">Author Review Widget For Blogger</span><br/>
 Reviewed by <span class="reviewer">Shaikh Masood Alam</span>
on <span class="dtreviewed"> March 19 2013<span title="2013-03-19" class="value-title">
 Rating: <span class="rating">5</span>


  • Change Author Review Plugin For Blogger With Your Review Name.
  • Change March 19 2013 and 2013-03-19 with your Date.
  • Change 5 with your Rating.

3.Now publish your review and enjoy.

Check Image Demo Here:

Author Review Widget For Blogger Demo Image
Author Review Widget For Blogger Demo Image


  • No guarantee about Google catch your post as a review.
  • Please paste code Below a <!--more--> if you post above it google consider whole home page as a review.
  • This plugin supports only the editorial ratings submission (editor/author rating), this means customers and site visitors are not involved in the rating or review process, this means rating reflects only the author’s opinion.

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